Can I get an amen to that?!

Today seemed like a long day, but it ended up being a pretty good one! I had the pleasure of setting up two play dates for Jenna with friends from church and school. She rarely gets together with kids because she goes to school out of the county and our church is 25 minutes away, so the next couple weekends are going to be a real treat for her! She's already asking "how many more days until..." This is just something that makes me smile.

There have been more developments on the job front, but we are not at a place where we feel comfortable divulging. To put it more clearly, no offer has been extended as of yet so, nothing is official, but we are optimistic. I know those that know us are dying to know what all this is about, but hopefully it won't be too much longer until I can tell you the details.

For those of you that have asked about Steve...thanks for your concern...he had stopped passing stones for a couple days but was still experiencing some back pain which we attributed to the stint. However, today, he passed several more large ones today. Now he is extremely sore from where they passed and is still having the more milder back pain, so we are unsure whether there is a stone causing it or if it's really stint. We will find out Monday as he goes to his follow-up appointment. As soon as I know more, I'll pass it along. Keep praying that the big stones are gone.

Let's see...nothing much else going on...Jenna starts swim lessons next week and it's going to be pretty exciting to get to see the new rec center. For a while, we'll have some busy weeks. We have gymnastics on Monday, swim lessons on Tuesday (Bible study for me), church on Wednesday, swim lessons on Thursday, bowling on Friday for Steve, sock wars and scrapbooking for me periodically, horseback riding lessons on Saturday afternoon and then church again on Sunday evenings. It's going to be a busy April. After that, lots of this will settle down.

OK, well, that's about it for me. Happy weekend!


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