All Done!

Just a quick post to let you know that we are home from the surgery! It went very well. Much, MUCH better than the first time. When I arrived at the step down unit, Steve was sitting up, awake, alert and in minimal pain. We got home about 11am and he is resting now, sleeping off the anesthesia. He did begin to experience some increased pain on the way home but he took a pain pill for that (he didn't have anything at the surgery center). He is anticipating going back to work tomorrow and me too!

The doctor said everything went well and that we can have the stint removed with just a little IV sedation in his office next week. So, let's hope that stays the case.

The coolest thing was that while we were in the pre-op room waiting for the surgery time to arrive, we heard his urologist come in. This is not the urologist that Steve normally sees, but he was the one on call when we went to the ER that night and he has followed Steve through this entire process. Anyway, we are of course, in a closed curtain area and we hear his urologist arrive and begin talking to a male nurse or anesthesiologist. They are discussing their families...their grown daughters and what they'd been up to in the past. It was clear they had not seen one another in a while. And then they are talking about their churches and what blessings their kids are etc. I tell you, of all the things two doctors could have been discussing just prior to surgery, this probably rates right up there. I believe these two Godly men were there sharing between each other just for Steve and I today. When the doctor came in, we asked the doctor where he attended church and we talked about our mission trips. He goes yearly to Ecuador. We thanked him for his faith and he thanked us for ours. What a blessing.

So, with all that said, you know I have to plug this doctor. Anyone in the Nashville or surrounding areas needing a urologist, Dr. Keith Hagan of Urology Associates comes highly recommended by the Taylors!!! :)

I am leaving in about an hour to get Jenna from school. They have the opportunity to shop at the book fair today and so I am going to get her in time to do that. Then we'll come home have a few hours to work and grab a bite to eat and head back to church about 5:30.

OK, I think I hear movement upstairs, so I better go check on the patient.

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