Do you have a house-cleaner?

OK, apparently, my wonderful house cleaner has quit. We haven't seen her in a month and two phone calls have gone unreturned. My question to you is, do YOU have a house cleaner that you can recommend? I know several of my readers do employ someone to clean their house periodically and now I am in search of one. This girl was really very reasonable...$50 for the whole house...I know we will have to pay more than that now, but if they are really good, then I'm willing to pay. Also, they have to be trustworthy because we can't be home when they clean. So, come one, come all with your house-cleaner information!

And if you can, tomorrow at 11am, remember my friend Angela in your prayers. She was about 9 weeks pregnant and found out there was no heartbeat. The past 2 weeks, she's been waiting for the baby to "pass" on it's own and it's just not happening so tomorrow at 11am, she's scheduled for her D&C. This is a first for her (though she does have a beautiful baby boy) and she is really struggling. So, if you think about it in the next few days, just whisper a prayer for her. This is such a tough time for her.



Christy said...

I have a wonderful house cleaner!! The commute might be a bit much for her, though. If you moved to Phoenix, it would be much easier!

Sandra said...

That made me LOL!! Give me time because if I don't find someone soon, the move might be tempting!!