I was remiss in posting about my weigh in on Tuesday. I am proud to report I lost another 1 pound! I am now .6lbs away from my first weight loss goal of 17 lbs. Once I reach that, I set a second goal. I don't want to jinx the .6lbs, so I haven't really thought about what is next. I'm still far from my ultimate goal and I'm not even sure what that is yet!

Steve is doing well today. He went in to work and despite my doubts, stayed all day. He did have significant pain, but he is so strong, has such a high pain tolerance and is such a trooper that he just pushed through it. I know he's looking forward to the weekend! He is scheduled ot have the stint removed next Wednesday morning and while they can do that in the office, it is still under some mild sedation, so we'll both have to be off work. I think I might see if I can work from home that day. I did quite a bit of work yesterday from home, but am still taking PTO.

Let me share the coolest thing with you (some of you already know this)...Jenna and I went to church and when we got home, there is this huge chocolate cake on the counter. I knew Steve better had not left to get it and come to find out our neighbor, Aimee, had read my blog and saw that Steve had surgery and so she dropped off the yummy cake. Before you yell at me, it was a sugar free cake, so it wasn't as high in WW points as a regular cake and I only tasted a sliver. But the coolest thing (for me, at least) was that especially for me, she bought me Weight Watcher popsicles! Oh my goodness, they are delicious!!! I have had one two nights in a row, so I can already tell they won't last long, but what a wonderful surprise!!! WAY COOL! Thanks Aimee! I love having such good neighbors!

Also, if you are interested in Premier Jewelry, I am hosting a party at work and the jeweler will give all the profits to HSP for our fundraising efforts (see this post for more information about HSP). I didn't invite anyone but people from work since it's actually on campus, but if you want to purchase I can get you a catalog.

That's about it...tomorrow night Jenna is having a friend from school over to spend the night and she's stoked. Also, Jenna's choir performance is tomorrow night at church, so that will be fun also. I'm sure I'll have pictures of all of our activities.

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