Squeaky Clean...

For those of you wondering, I finally found a cleaning service in our area. They came by last weekend to look at the house and estimate how much it was going to cost me. Today was our "deep cleaning" and they had warned me it would take several hours and the first time would cost me $200. From calling other cleaning services, I knew that though expensive, that was about what everyone else charged for the initial deep cleaning.

Steve was just leaving with the girls (Jenna and her friend Bailey) when they arrived. That was 11:00am. I got home about 2pm and they were still here cleaning. So, I met Steve and the girls at Target and then took Bailey home. I guess we got back home about 2:30ish and they were still here. We drove around the neighborhood, stopped at home, talked to the neighbor, cleaned out Steve's truck and then drove around the adjoining neigborhoods a while. We were really starting to get tired and ready to come on home. Finally, about 4:15, they headed out of the house and left. That was 5 hours of cleaning!

Of course, we didn't know what to expect, but for $200 and 5 hours, we figured it should be good. We walked into the garage and we could smell "clean". You know, like a mixture of Pine Sol, bleach and Windex. The trash can in the garage was overflowing and there were a couple of bags beside it. We walked in and immediate our shoes began to squeak on the hardwood floor. The pictures hanging on the wall had been dusted as had the light fixtures and the wood blinds. They even cleaned Steve's closet!!! I can honestly say, I don't think that the house has been this clean since we bought it 2 1/2 years ago. It was worth every penny. They are coming back in about 2 weeks and I can't wait.

Oh, and a HUGE "thank you!" to my good friend, Leigh Ann for her recommendation!!!!

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clg0513 said...

will they come to Richmond :)
I need to start looking around for a service myself..