More surgery in our future...

Well, today's visit with the urologist did not bring the news we were hoping for (or expecting). First of all, the appointment took way longer than the last couple and I missed a conference call at work, plus was having a severe allergy attack the whole time we were waiting. So, all of that just made this news more unbearable.

The large stone that was lodged in his tube last week was still there this week. The doctor feels that it is not going to pass on it's own, so he recommended doing lithotripsy again soon to blast it into smaller pieces. Then, if all goes well, we'll go back a week from that and surgically have the stint removed. By the time this is all said and done, Steve will have four surgeries in about 4 weeks. That is extremely hard on his body, plus, it's more work missed for him and me and it complicates things at home.

Obviously we want to do this sooner rather than later, but our insurance dictates where (one of the "perks" for working for a hospital company!) and so our days to choose from are limited. Plus, the next two weekends, we have plans that we really do not want to break (one is Jenna's performance in the choir at church). As you can imagine, this news was pretty hard to swallow. From my selfish perspective, it is difficult to watch someone you love be in pain and be frustrated at the slowness of his body to respond (which happens to diabetics...slower to heal). Plus, I take on the role as both mother and father and that's hard especially when you are married to a man who really does 50% (sometimes more) of the work with Jenna and around the house.

We have a final x-ray and follow-up next Monday and assuming nothing changes, we'll move forward with the lithotripsy surgery...we aren't sure yet when that will be scheduled. Most likely sometime next week...but we'll know more later. There is a slim chance that Steve will pass this final stone in the next week, but since it really hasn't moved in the last week, the likelihood is slim.

To boot, I had just a really stressful day at work...so it's been a tough Monday all around. Tomorrow is weigh in and if I don't get really good news, that might just do me in!

Continued prayers are appreciated!

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