Shake, Rattle & Roll...

So, this morning at 4:47am (my clock is about 7-8 minutes fast) centra time, I sat straight up in bed. The bed was vibrating and I thought Steve was going into insulin shock. It only took me a second to realize it wasn't him. So, I felt around at the bottom of the bed to knock whichever cat was licking or scratching. Oddly enough, the cats were not on the bed. I was confused, but lay back down. I could still feel the vibrations in my chest and wondered if I was experiencing heart palpitatations or something like an anxiety attack. Finally, the feeling tapered off and I laid back down. My alarm went off at 5am and I finally rolled out of bed at 5:30 just in time to catch the channel 2 news coming on. Turns out, what I was feeling was a 5.2 earthquake from Illinois! It was the first time for me and while a little unnerving to think about after the fact, it is pretty cool to have been part of as it's for us Southerners, most likely the only time that we might experience this in our lifetime.

Jenna is at sock wars tonight and after working out at the rec center, I am relaxing at home. We did find out today that Steve's surgery is scheduled for this coming Wednesday. Hopefully this will be the last one except for the stint removal.

For all my praying friends, can I ask you to cover me in prayer over the next week or so? I have been feeling very attacked by Satan this week in a particular issue I'm dealing with. Right now, I'm not ready to share too much information on this public blog, but several close friends know what I'm struggling with.

To give the basic framework of my issue...I had something I'd been praying over for a while. In the last couple of weeks, I felt that I got a direct answer from the Lord. A couple of times, I was plagued with doubts and each time, the Lord would send something or someone to reaffirm what I thought I'd heard Him answer. However, the pieces are not falling in place as quickly as I'd like and of course, patience is NOT a virtue of mine. And because Satan knows where I'm weakest, he has continuously attacked me over this issue. I have worried, obsessed, and gotten angry over this and I know I have to give it over to God and I have tried multiple times to do so. On the way home tonight, I asked God what was I supposed to do...what did He want to teach me through this? And I felt Him ask, "Do you trust me? Do you believe what I told you?" And of course, I do. But Satan is working hard to make me doubt. Can you please pray for me? I anticipate this issue will resolve itself within the week, 2 weeks at most...but until then, I want to enjoy my weekend, my life, my family. I don't want to worry. And mostly, I want to trust. So, if you think about it, whisper a prayer for me...for peace...for trust...for patience (dare I ask?!) And hopefully, very soon, what I believe God has told me will come to fruition and I can share the victory with you!

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