Today's doctor visit...

Steve had his follow-up at the urologist today. The good news is that really big jelly-bean sized stone is no longer stuck in his tube. YAY! We could see several small stones in his kidney still and we are guessing they are pieces of the ones they blasted on Wednesday. The bad news is that the doctor saw a large stone that concerned him. He doesn't know if it is a piece of the larger stones or a stone that did not break up when they did the lithotripsy. He's concerned that it might not pass. So...we go back in a week for another x-ray. If the stone is still in the same place, then most likely we'll have to go back and do another lithotripsy. If the stone is gone (and another one hasn't replaced it!), then we are good to go and can probably schedule a time to get the stint removed.

Steve commented on the way out that he really hoped that stone would pass because he didn't think he could go through all this again. And I feel the same way. For him. And for me. It's tough being a single parent when you have a good 50/50 partner!

He did call this afternoon to say he might have passed it because he did pass quite a large stone, however we won't really know until next week when they do the x-ray. When you think of it, pray for us with this. If we have to do the lithotripsy again, we'll definitely need it!

That's about it for today...they are on their way home from gymnastics and I've got dinner just about ready...mmmmmmm....spaghetti!!!!! :)

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