"The Biggest Loser" and Birthday Fun

I thought the "biggest loser" is the best way to intro this little piece of news...as many of you know, I was in the running for a pretty big promotion at work. It would have been my first shot at manager. There were 4 internal candidates and I found out late the week before last that I was one of the final two selected. Yesterday afternoon, I found out I did NOT get the promotion, but they offered the job to the other guy.

Although it was a huge disappointment to me because I knew I could do the job and really felt like I'd worked my behind off the past 6 months, I was OK with the decision. One of the ironic things was that when the position was posted, 2 of my other co-workers who were really close friends of mine applied and I was very scared about going up against them. I think the world of them both and did not want this to hurt our friendship or our working relationship. Ironically enough, a dark-horse candidate from another department within HR threw his hat in the ring and beat us all out of it.

The reason I'm OK with this is because I truly prayed for God's will to be done. I know the committment this position would require and I did not want my family life to suffer. I know this was in their mind when they made the decision. And I truly think I was prepared and ready to accept the news even if it was bad. I don't know why God kept me from this. All I know is that HE knows what is best for me and for the first time in my life, I am OK with God's answer being "No" even if it wasn't the answer I wanted to receive. We sure could have used the extra money, that's for sure, but He'll provide in another way.

On a positive note, when my AVP told me, I handled myself well and kept my emotions in check (which was a big concern for me because I am by nature pretty emotional). He had so much positive to say about me and some of those things really did make me feel good, mostly because I know (at least I hope I know) that he doesn't say this type stuff if he doesn't mean it. Of course, he could have just been panicking that I was going to get mad and quit, but I think he knows me better than that. I figure, I have one week to make it through and then I'm off to Thailand and by the time I get back in the office, I will have forgotten all about it (not really) and be ready to jump back in and start putting out fires! I think the new manager will be fine and we wil make a great team. My efforts are not going unnoticed (or so I've been told) and I expect good things for my future there.

We have our last team meeting on Sunday and much of my stuff is packed. The excitement is building and I'm glad to have some closure at work before I go. The only thing I have left to purchase is my laptop voltage converter which should work with my iPod charger, camera charger and camcorder charger as well. I am going to have them all charged before I leave and maybe won't have to use them, but I'll have it just in case.

As I said before, my trip is paid for, but Steve's is not. Yesterday we received two $100 checks from a good family friend and mentor to me. I was astounded and wish in every way I could be like her. She's an awesome woman and I am fortunate to have her in my life. Anyway, Steve got an email yesterday that no additional money has come in to his account outside his deposit and the church's scholarship and he is pretty bummed. I know there are two checks at the church waiting to be transferred to Sweet Sleep, but are unsure of the amounts. In addition, with the $100 check he received yesterday, we have in hand, about $250 to go toward his account. My account has $15 extra that will transfer to him but past that, if he doesn't get the money from donations, he can't go. So, this Sunday during his team meeting, he will tell the leader that very thing. If they want him to drop out now, then it's better than waiting until the last minute.

Today is Jenna's 6th birthday party. We are having it at the Sportsplex and it's a swimming party. She is so excited! I'm surprised that she is still asleep. We are expecting about 2o folks (at least that's what I paid for) and no matter what, she'll have a good time. I know she'll get tons of stuff and while it really threw me for a loop having to have it this soon, it's good for us to see what all she gets so Steve and I can go birthday shopping after the fact. As you know, her actual birthday will occur while I'm in Thailand, so we'll celebrate her birthday with us as soon as I return.

Yesterday, Steve and I "celebrated" 11 years of wedded bliss. I say "celebrated" lightly. We worked all day and then had dinner at Shane's Rib Shack and did the rest of my trip shopping at Target...all with Jenna in tow. Tonight we have a babysitter and most likely we'll treat ourselves to a nice dinner (maybe at Red Lobster???) and then probably go back to Target to do Jenna's birthday shopping! I guess after the big 10, then others are just days of the year until you get to 15 and then 20. One of these years, we're going on a cruise to celebrate. Now that's what I call a CELEBRATION!

So, I guess that's about it from here. Seems like I'm forgetting something important, but I just can't think...guess that's what I get for going to bed at midnight (WAY past my bedtime) and getting up at 10 minutes till 7am! I'll post pictures from the party later today (if I have time after we get back and unloaded before our date).

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