Happy Birthday all around!!!

Welcome to the World Kaleigh!!!!

I'm a tad bit late on my welcome, but very close to midnight on June 25, Kaleigh Alecia entered the world by c-section! Kaleigh was a tad early in her arrival, but she was fine, weighing in at well over 7 lbs. Mom, Nova, is one of my bulletin board friends. I had the pleasure of meeting Nova and the other "Mamas" from our board about 2 1/2 years ago in NJ. These are the ladies that I mentioned in my post below with the video. Nova tried (as did we all) for years to conceive and after several failed cycles of IUI and IVF, she and her husband decided to start adoption papers. Well...she had no more than gotten her portfolio ready when God blessed her with the biggest miracle of her life (at least so far!! ;) )...she got pregnant!! So, on June 25, when baby Kaleigh entered the world, all of us Mamas were part of one of the greatest miracles ever! Congratulations Nova and Chris and WELCOME BABY K!!!!

Also, I'm sending belated happy birthday wishes to myself! I turned the big 3-3 yesterday! Woohoo! Yesterday was exactly like every other day except I got free lunch from my co-worker Erica (thanks E!) and a gift from Steve and Jenna (speakers for my iPod!). I did get well wishes from most co-workers and calls from my Dad (which was good since he forgot last year!), sisters, brother, stepmom and bunches of friends. I was trying to plan a night out with them all on Saturday, but as it turns out, no one can come, so it will be just myself, Steve and Jenna and we're going to the Spaghetti Factory downtown and walk in "the city" as Jenna calls it when she seems the skyline. I'll have to hook up with everyone else another day. While I was a bit disappointed that my birthday plans for Saturday fell through, I was a happy woman to spend the evening with my two favorite people in the world. Steve even grilled IN THE RAIN...steaks at my request. And for the first time since mom passed away (almost), I had a birthday cake! So, all in all, this Momma had a wonderful day!

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