More from Thailand

I can't believe I'm able to blog as much as I am, but here I am again...

Last night (Tuesday in Thailand), we visited the night market. It was very interesting. It's like a huge flea market and the Thai people show their wares. It is custom here to negotiate a price, so it was weird getting the hang of that. But once I watched someone else do it, I was buying stuff left and right.

On our way back to the hotel, we rode on a tuk-tuk. I took videos of our ride. It's definitely an experience! The driving here is unlike any other.

Tonight is a visit to the gem factory. I'm guessing there will be plenty of jewelry to be bought. Things here are really cheap compared to the states.

Well, I better get moving along. It's morning here in Thailand and we are about to get started for another day.

I'll blog more as soon as I can.


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