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First of all, let me thank those of you who have sent prayer grams to me. It’s like a little taste of home and it’s just wonderful! If you want to send me one, go to http://www.brentwoodbaptist.com/, click on the missions area and you should be able to find a link there.

Today (Tuesday in Thailand) was our first day of the conference and VBS with the children. We have 8 four-year olds. There are 5 boys and 3 girls. They come from places all over the globe…Vietnam, Thailand, Texas (?-but that’s what he said), Laos etc. So many different cultures but all children nonetheless. Hopefully I’ll be able to post pictures of these unique and interesting children once I get home.

Tonight, we are planning to go to the night market/bazaar which I’m sure will be an interesting trip. I will get many of my souvenirs there. The US Dollar goes a lot further here than in the US. The exchange rate was a little more than 33 baht to the dollar. I think I gave the exchange $200 USD and got somewhere around 6,770 baht! I plan to take pictures at the bazaar tonight and video too. Tomorrow night, we will go to a gem place which I guess will be jewelry. There’s so much to do and not enough free time to do it all. Plus, you don’t want to explore alone and my roomie, Rachel is tied up all day with the Toddlers. Speaking of, pray for her…she needs it…being in the room for 8 hours with such young children. There are 13 of them and something like 3-4 teachers. Because of their age, they are unable to leave the room for lunch or go to the pool like we are. I’m sure her patience will be running pretty low tonight.

I can’t believe the week has already begun. In the blink of an eye, the conference will be over, the children gone and I’ll be on my way back to the states. But the need in the Pacific Rim and southeast Asia will still be here. The M’s will still be here with their families. I can already tell my life will be forever changed by what I’ve experienced here. I encourage you to add M’s from all over the world to your prayer list.

While I will probably post this during the evening, I am typing it during naptime which is almost over, so I better go and get these kids up. We’ve already had lunch…3pm is snack time, then recreation at 3:30, then the pool at 4pm. After the pool we have to get the kids back upstairs, changed into their dry clothes and ready for pick up no later than 5:15. After the last child is gone, we have another team meeting at 5:25 and then free time until the Night Bazaar trip at 6:30. Then, it’s to bed until it starts all over tomorrow.

Thanks again for all your prayers and support. I truly can feel them. God is at work this week.Sawat de kaa (goodbye in Thai)


Stacey said...

I am so glad you were able to do this. The only other time I have seen you this "excited" about something it had to do with a major milestone in your own family. Hang in there and have fun! Stacey

The Gordons said...

Sandra--glad to hear your trip is going well. Tell Rahc hey for me and tell her I said to update her blog!!!!! Praying for you guys!!