First Loss...

Today has brought sad news for me. I learned late this afternoon, that my high school classmate, Kyle Hutchison, passed away suddenly this morning. As far as I know, this is the first loss from the Graduating Class of 1992 at EHCS.

Kyle and I went to school together since Kindergarten. We weren't what I would call good friends, but the type of friend you have just by being in the same place for 13 years! Because Kyle's last name was Hutchison and my maiden name started with "J", we sat next to each other frequently through the years and at graduation. Because we went to school together for so long, my mother and his mother, Linda, knew each other well. Later in life, his father took the President's position at my Alma Mater. His mother was a professor at the University I attended, so I kept up with them through my 4 years of college.

I last saw Kyle at our 10 year reunion and he was friendly as always. I remember thinking he'd turned out to be a fine looking man and seemed to be successful in owning his own business. I thought it odd at the time that such a successful and decent (seemingly) man would not have found a mate. However, in retrospect, perhaps the Lord was sparing some wonderful woman the pain of losing her husband at 33 years old (although I do hear he had a girlfriend).

One thing I do remember was that Kyle came to visitation at the funeral home when my mother passed away. She died about 6 months after I graduated from High School and I was surprised to see him (and others) there because I guess I thought no one from school knew or cared. But it impressed me and it's something I've never forgotten.

Tonight, not only do I ponder how short our lives can be, but how precious. And my thoughts turn to his parents who are now facing burying their oldest child which no parent should ever have to do. It's not natural. Kyle had two younger siblings, Craig and Keeley who I think of now and wonder how they are coping with this tragedy. I do not know arrangements yet, but you can be assured that I will be there, paying my respects to the family of the man who impressed me when he paid his respects to mine.

As we enter into the next few days, remember the Hutchison family in your thoughts and prayers.

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