Birthday Fun

The birthday was a resounding success yesterday. I will admit, I was a little nervous because I felt so out of control with it. The sportsplex does not allow any outside food, so I was at their mercy for the cake and drinks. They provided paper goods and everything. But the kids loved the swimming and Jenna had a great time and got lots of nice stuff. I was a little disappointed at the small number of kids from her school class that showed up...only 5 I think...out of 18. Of course, counting her, there were 6, so I guess that's about a 1/3. Just seems like last year there were more. I guess that's the vice of a summer birthday... Here are a few snaps of her.

This is her and 2 of her school friends Annabelle and Ally. Annabelle's mom was the other room mom this year and they were in class together last year in Pre-K AND will be together in class next year in Pre-1st. Ally's mom and dad knew Steve from his younger years...Ally's mom, Rhonda is absolutely fabulous too (although she somehow eluded my camera the entire party).

Finally, here's a pic of her opening presents...watching her is her other classmate, Lee. Lee and his parents go to BBC with us and they are a wonderful family. Lee is just darling and Jenna told me a few week's ago she was "in love" with him (BIG eyeroll here!)...but in reality, I wouldn't mind if she hooked up with him, later in life of course! They are such a nice family.

All in all, it was a great time and I am thrilled it was. Thanks to all who came.

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