A New Look...

No, not for me, but for my blog. I'm wondering how my girl, Allison likes my new blog look???

I have to give props to my friend Carrie, who designed the new title bar and then instructed me how to change the background color to match.

Just to give you a little background, Carrie was my "best friend" in about the 6th grade. We even had the necklaces to prove it! You all remember those? They came in two pieces and one said "best" and the other part said "friends"? Well, we had them...anyway, I digress. As it happens, Carrie's family moved to Florida and we lost touch even when she moved back to TN. My friend Stacey somehow got in touch with her after we graduated from college I think. Anyway, Carrie and I have recently gotten back in touch and it's been wonderful (I speak ONLY for myself!) It's interesting how we were such good friends when we were kids and now, I see why...we do have so much in common. I'm so glad we got back in touch. I have to give her credit for that though...she was the one that reached out to me.

So, she does a lot of online scrapbooking and I was really digging her blog design (you can find her in my links) and so she offered to create for me a new title bar. Her first try and this is what she came up with. Isn't she awesome??? Anyway, I love it and wish I had other blogs for her to spice up!

OK, enough with the tribute to Carrie. I hope everyone likes the title bar. I sure think it personalizes the page so much more.


clg0513 said...

awwww shucks *blushes*
I am so glad we hooked back up too..it's been great chatting with you too. Hopefully i'll get to come to Nashville and Jenna and Sami can hang out. Could you imagine them being friends like we were :)

Stacey said...

I have always said Carrie should go into business for herself doing something creative. She has always been the most creative one in the bunch. Love the new look Sandra