It's nearly time...

It's after 11pm on Friday and I'm debating on whether to stay up or try to rest a few hours before having to get up.

Everyone else is in bed. Poor Jenna crashed on the couch downstairs at 8:45. So much for spending quality time with her before I leave. :( Steve went to bed about an hour ago and now Micah and Gage have gone to bed as well. I am waiting on my iPod to charge because I just KNOW if I don't wait up and just leave it charging, I will forget it in the morning.

Everything except my makeup and morning stuff is packed. Rachel is coming to get me at 3:30am in the morning. I seriously don't think I'm going to get up until 3:00am. All I have to do is put my make up on, zip up my bags and wait.

I can't believe the time is already here. I will do my best to blog when I get to Bangkok and then when I get to Thailand.

I still covet your prayers...

In Him-



Anonymous said...

Just remember, you can sleep on the plane! Have a wonderful time! We are praying for you.

Stacey said...

You have been in my thoughts for days now. Be safe and don't eat anything strange from a street vendor. HA!