Venturing Out Into Life Again

This past week, Jenna's class had a walking tour of downtown Nashville.  Steve and I thought it might be a good outing for us to join, so we packed ourselves up and headed out.  It was quite a bit cooler than we anticipated, but we had dressed for it.  But as is life with an infant, when we got to the parking garage, Kylie had to have a diaper change.  And during the diaper change in the back of the van (because where the heck else would we do it?!), she put her sock foot into the diaper.  I had brought extra clothes, but no extra socks.  UGH.

So, while we were in the church listening about historical Nashville, Kylie got a little...how shall we say, distracting.  So Steve took off to the Dollar Store to buy more socks.  Even though it was quite chilly, we managed.

We finally finished and had lunch at the farmers' market.  I wish I'd just bought my lunch there.  Some of it smelled so delicious!  But we'd all packed a sack lunch, so we ate that instead.  I managed a few bites of my own while feeding Kylie.
Jenna and her friend Gracie.  As an aside, Gracie's mom and I went to school together since Kindergarten.  That's a LONG time to know someone!


Heather said...

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Jenna said...

Your daughters are beautiful! Glad you are moving forward in this tough transition time. Praying for it to soon be easier on you!