Despite our busyness being fresh home with Kylie, we managed to carve out some time for Jenna to color eggs!  Kylie was too young to enjoy it, but Jenna sure did!  Now, what to do with all those eggs???

And even though the Easter Bunny was really late in shopping for Easter gifts, she still managed to get three baskets thrown together...

Easter was also Kylie's first church debut!  Because Steve plays in the worship band, he had to leave much earlier than we did.  I managed to get myself, Jenna and Kylie up, dressed and fed AND to church on time!  I called that a huge success!!!

I even had time to get a shot of us girls before we left.
Kylie did a great job in church.  Steve met us at the car and carried her in.  Of course, lots of people gathered around to see this child they had prayed for so much.  Eventually we put her in the Ergo with me.  She really enjoyed the music and just looked all around.  It was like a breath of fresh air to finally be among the people I love so much after being gone so long.  I truly felt filled up and after the last month, I surely needed refilling!!

Kylie fell asleep after the music and slept almost the entire service.  I could not have asked for a better first Sunday at church and it's one I will always remember.

Us girls came home after, but Steve had to stay and play for the second service.  I managed to keep us all clean in our pretty clothes until he made it home so we could get a family picture.
Here we are...our first (kinda) photo as a family of 4 (and 1/2!). 

Then it was off to Uncle John and Aunt Debbie's for the Taylor Easter gathering!  They were all excited to see Kylie again!  Cousin Beth, who was a HUGE help in our fundraising efforts was not able to be at the airport when we arrived, so this was her first time meeting Kylie.  Her son Jackson wasn't too sure about her.  But they did take some pics together...
And they hunted eggs...

And so did Jenna....not too old to be left out of the fun...and these eggs actually had chocolate in them!  YUM!!
It was great to be out and about and spending time with family...remembering the REAL reason we celebrate Easter.  Plus, we got the chance for Kylie to meet her big brother...
I'm not sure what either of them really thought of each other, but Chase has always loved his little sisters.  We are trying to find a time for big sister Micah and Gage to meet Kylie for the first time...I can't wait...Micah is such a great Mom...she has impressed me with how much she loves Gage. 

It was a great Easter. 


Wife of the Prez said...

4 and 1/2??? Are you trying to give a hint?

BTW, I was talking to someone at Grace yesterday, where S takes dance. She said, "Yeah, a friend of mine just got back from China right after you and they were not getting any sleep at first." I said, "Oh, is it Sandra?" She said, "YES! How did you know? You have met her."

I said, "Well not exactly but we have exchanged emails and we figured out quickly we are in the same area and our timelines to China and back were close together."

We both laughed about our *small* world. And please do tell us if you have more news to share. :))

P.S. I recently made my blog private but would be glad to invite you if you want. I have lost your email. Sorry!

Sandra said...

I want to be invited!!! Who was it that you talked to about me? And no...Lord have mercy, no hidden meaning in the 1/2. I was talking about Katie the dog!!! LOL!! Holy cow...you'd have to send me to the looney bin if it were anything more. :)

Wife of the Prez said...

Well I though it might be Katie, but then I thought "what???"

I was glad to read your sleep updates. It is going well here in that once she is asleep, she stays that way which is amazing. It didn't happen that way for DD1. It was a long process, but she was older too.

Send me your email to cljjs (at) yahoo (dot) com so we can chat more. I've lost yours LOL!

Feel like I'd lose my head if it wasn't attached. :)