More China (sigh)

I know most of you are bored from the China posts now that we are home.  I need to get it journaled and trust me, there's not a whole lot going on here to blog about.  In terms of sleep, last night was better than what we were dealing with a few nights ago, but it wasn't as good as the past few nights.  It was my night in the recliner and Kylie just seemed like she couldn't get comfortable.  We are going to try the pack n play down here tonight (maybe).  We are making tiny baby steps, which is fine...but this mama is ready for a jump.  :)

So, Monday in China, we got up and after a quick check of the older kids' TB tests (Kylie was young enough that she didn't have to have it), we were on the way to the Safari Park!
The problem in going places in China was that Kylie HATED the stroller.  We borrowed one from the hotel and she just didn't care for it.  So we either had to carry her, or I had to strap her to me, which was fine, but after hours on my feet with 20 extra pounds, my back would start to kill me.  Luckily Deanne is more used to toting around kids, so she was a huge help.

The first thing we did at the safari park is ride a little cart around and see some of the animals, so Kylie didn't have to tolerate the stroller for long.  :)  I am not sure she was loving the ride either, but it beat the stroller.
There were plenty of animals to see as we rode by...I wish I'd had my zoom lens, but that never made it out of the camera bag. :(
The camels were neat to see...just weird seeing the in China I guess.
But of course, the biggest thing we were all waiting to see in the safari park was the pandas!  Again, this is one time I wish I had my zoom lens, but I got some good shots anyway.
Finally Kylie decided she liked the stroller OK.  I guess if I could ride around like this, I'd like a stroller too!
Please note, it wasn't too long after this until she had a meltdown and we had to take her out.  We were about 20 minutes from having to meet the group back at the front anyway, so we headed back and Deanne sat with Kylie with Jenna and I explored some more on our own.
After the safari park, we headed back to the hotel to eat lunch (which was delicious compared to what we'd had so far) and rest a bit before the shopping trip later that afternoon. 

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Julie said...

Jealous! We wanted to go to the safari park but our group didn't do that....we went all the way to China and didn't see a panda!

Praying you all get some rest soon!