Busy Times

Now that I've pretty much caught up with the China trip (thanks for reading...so many emails and comments...much appreciated!), I'm going to try to get caught up with our daily goings on.  Some days there won't be much, but lately, we've been busy!

Monday we went to the Vanderbilt International Adoption Clinic.  We are so fortunate to live so close to such a fabulous facility with this type of service.  The doctor there reviewed Kylie's stats with us.  She is in about the 9th %ile for weight, 18-19th %ile for height and like the 28th %ile for head circumference.  These are in comparison with the world health organization so it takes into consideration kids from all over the world, not just US.

The doctor wasn't concerned because every 3-4 months in an orphanage, a child is developmentally delayed by one month.  So she is about 10-11 months developmentally, but the doctor expects she will catch up soon. 

After the doctor, we had to go to the lab to have blood drawn.  They took probably 5-7 vials of blood from both arms.  She was asleep when they started, so you can imagine she screamed bloody murder.  Even Katie and Steve heard it from the waiting area.

After the traumatic experience, we ran through McDonald's for lunch and ate at the park before my own annual exam appointment.  Then it was on to get Jenna.  This is how Kylie spent most of the ride home...
Bless her, she was exhausted, but she did SO good considering.

Today was our appointment with the plastic surgeon and our visit to have her TB test read (which was totally negative).  The surgeon was so nice and explained how they would do the repair.  She'll have to have some speech therapy immediately after to get her speech headed in the right direction.  She'll stay in the ICU the night of surgery and then in the hospital 2-4 more days.  The soonest we could schedule the surgery was end of May right about the time I had to head back to work.  So we punted until end of July to give me time to get back to work and settled.  Surgery is July 23.  More to come....

Tomorrow is our first post-placement visit.  Looking forward to getting that one over with!

OK, more later, but right now, I have a hungry baby and she's going to be VERY tired...long day with very little nap.


Julie said...

I wondered when she went to the doctor. Glad it went well. Those labs are quite the pain. Glad Kylie is a trooper!

Blessed Mom of Four AND More said...

Hey Sandra!
Hope you are all continuing to do well back at home.
It sure is crazy at our house. ;)