First Family Pictures!

About 2 weeks ago, I saw some wonderful family pictures on a friend's facebook page.  I inquired about the photographer.  Turns out, it was her neighbor who was getting her photography business rolling and she had a GREAT deal.  So I FB'd her and miraculously she had an opening last Friday when Jenna was out of school for teacher in-service. 

I had no idea how Kylie would do since she doesn't really smile on command yet.  Not to mention towards the end of the shoot would be getting close to nap time and I didn't really know how she would do and how long we could push her.

We met just down the street in our little town.  Who knew there were such neat places for photo ops right in our back yard!!!!
Family pic sans Katie
I didn't like any of the ones of me close up, but I wanted to include one of us together.  I love how Steve looks here.

Sisters!  They really do love each other so much!!
Family pic WITH Katie!  There were cows in the field to our right, so it was nothing short of a miracle she looked at the camera at all.

This is by far, my FAVORITE photo of the shoot.  It absolutely captures Jenna's personality.  Oh how I love this girl!

Not to be outdone, here's one (the only one) of Kylie by herself.  Turned out GREAT.
So, if you are local and want more information about our photographer, just click here and tell her I sent ya!


Angie said...

LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! The pictures of Jenna and Kylie by themselves!!!! Wow God has blessed this family my friend!!! Indeed!

Julie said...

I LOVE that one of Jenna too. SOOO cute. And the rest are great too. Pics are next on my to-do list.