Here we are!

I know it's just been a few days, but I feel like I haven't blogged in forever.  The days seem to be long, but ironically enough, flying by.  I want to document a little about what's been going on with Kylie...

First, last Saturday night, she refused her night time bottle of formula.  She was supposedly taking several bottles of formula in China and that's what we did in China, but started introducing some table food towards the end of our trip.  Once home, we transitioned to a sippy cup (it took us many tries to get one that would work with her open palate) but we kept the bedtime bottle.  Early last week we went and bought two big cans of formula at Costco.  Luckily it was the Costco brand.  Saturday night, she took about half when normally she sucks down the entire 10 oz!  Sunday she took about 1/4 and it's dwindled from that.  Last night she took about 3 sips and that was it.  So, looks like we have some extra formula on our hands if anyone needs it!  It's just the Costco brand...

I take this as a sign that she's attaching.  She knows we'll be here in the morning to feed her breakfast so she doesn't really want that bottle.  I was afraid she wouldn't sleep without having it, but she did fine.

So, onto that subject of sleep...last Friday Jenna was out of school so Thursday night, we decided to move Kylie to her crib and alternate sleeping on a mattress on the floor.  This is something several professionals (doctor, social workers etc). recommended.  At the time, we just didn't feel like she was ready.  She also would fight sleep like nuts...crying, turning over, whining.  For probably 15 minutes before she'd go out.  And then she'd wake up multiple times in the night crying out and at the least would have to be patted back to sleep but sometimes even picked up and held for a few hours before she could be put down again.

She slept fine in her crib for several nights and then one night had to be picked up for a couple hours one night.  But the last several nights, she slept right through and didn't make a peep.  Well, maybe a peep here and there but we can SHHH her and she goes right back to sleep.  She wakes up and plays quietly in her crib for probably 15-30 minutes (depending on how early she wakes up).  Even though we've eliminated that night time bottle, she now falls asleep with no crying.  :)  I still hold her while she's falling asleep, but baby steps!  We feel these are all VERY good signs we are making progress!

We had an appointment with the ENT on Tuesday.  She definitely needs tubes and she is tentatively scheduled for that surgery on the 9th.  We feel like there is no reason to wait.  We have a second opinion with a plastic surgeon at the end of May just because we feel like we need that before proceeding with surgery.  Surgery is scheduled for July 23, so we have time to make a change if needed.

I realize I have sounded like a major complainer on my blog lately and I don't mean for it to sound so awful.  Our days are fun mostly...bathtime is hilarious and her laughter is such music to my ears.  We really thought she was very happy and social from the beginning, but she continues to get happier and in comparison to the "happy" she was in China, she's even happier now!  I really am pleased with the progress we are making.  I'll touch on our daily schedule (if it can be called that) in another post.  Right now, she's playing quietly and I'm writing on borrowed time.  

I sure have learned a lot about myself through all this and again, that's a post for another time!

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Angie said...

What a wonderful encouraging post my friend. So proud of you all for doing the hard work God has set before you. Blessings!