China-day 2 in Guangzhou

After our busy day on Saturday, Sunday we met up and went to the pearl and jade markets.  Kylie felt much better which was great!

We had already visited the jade market back in Beijing, so we went straight to the pearl market.

Unfortunately, we figured out rather quickly that Kylie is not a fan of the stroller. But between us an our guide, I was able to make a great purchase of two pearl bracelets...one for Jenna and one for Kylie.
We bought some pretty neat souvenirs there at the mall.  Then after, it was back to the hotel to rest a bit before dinner.  This was the night were we went to a group dinner.  I originally said it was the night before, but that night Jenna and I went to dinner at Pizza Hut with our new friends Jill and Scott and their newest addition, Hannah.  I went with just Jenna because that was the night Kylie was running a fever and Deanne thought I needed some time away.  Boy was she right.

So that brings us up to Monday...

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