A Little Surprise

Remember the other day I talked about what a small world this crazy adoption world is?  Back when we had just successfully transferred agencies and gotten our LID and quick referral, I wrote this post.  Not too long after I wrote it, a much more popular blog than mine linked to it.

From that link, I started getting email after email from people asking about the process and how it worked for me etc.  One of the very first emails I got was from my friend Julie.  Well, at the time, we weren't "friends", but that's the ultimate cool think about this journey...we started exchanging emails about transferring and those emails turned into conversations about other things.  This gal has not one miracle child, but TWO.  And she and her husband still have the heart to bring home a daughter from China.  I've thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Julie and I am ever amazed at how God has brought our two lives together.  And I can't wait to see how our relationships and families develop.

All that to say, on Wednesday, I got a little package in the mail.  Just look at what was in it...

My sweet friend Julie packaged these books up and sent them to me.  If you'll remember this post, you'll know how much I loved buying adoption books.  "Every Year On Your Birthday" is written by the same author who wrote, "I Love You Like Crazy Cakes".  I sat down and read both of these right away and left for church weeping thinking of my sweet Kylie.

When we started on this adoption journey, I had others tell me they'd developed relationships they would have for life, but in the beginning I just didn't know how that would happen for us.  But over and over again, God has introduced beautiful friends into my life, like Julie, like Jennifer, Amy, Bridget, Michele, Amber...the list goes on and on...

Who knew this little Asian beauty would be the catalyst that would introduce me to new forever friends.

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Jennifer said...

You are a dear, dear, and forever friend! I am so glad that God brought us together!