Adoption Update-Alternately Titled...Or Maybe Not

Besides how Steve's job is going, the second most frequent question I get is how is the adoption going.

Well.  We are waiting.  Which is the same answer we have given the whole process...it's just we are waiting on someone different each time.

We are on about day 45 of our LOA wait.  And we are probably in for about another 40 days of wait.  I wish it weren't so, but unfortunately, this wait is the longest of all of them and the most fluid.  We could get our LOA next week.  Or we could be here waiting another 2 months from now.

We still anticipate travel in January or February but the Chinese New Year is in January and basically everything in China shuts down for 2 weeks which would most likely mean, if we didn't travel the first of January, we would be February (after her first birthday) before we could travel.

I have talked to Jenna's teacher again about her traveling and missing school and she maintains she thinks it would be more educational than anything she could teach her during those two weeks.  I am leaning towards taking her, but she's got some shaping up to do to prove she is old enough to miss that much time.

So....we wait.

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