She made it!

As soon as school started, I began to hear about the beloved 4th grade talent show.  Over and over again I heard different ideas of talent that Jenna and/or her friends wanted to perform.  Finally, after much deliberation and changed minds, Jenna settled on singing, SOLO, the song by Amy Grant, "Better than a Hallelujah".  I bought the track for her online and burned the CD.  Last week she "tried out". 

In addition, she and her friend got together a hula-hooping act.  Well, the night before the try out for the hula hoopers, we find out they have no music.  So I got up the next morning and went to iTunes to find the song they'd been practicing on.  As luck would have it, that song is not available on iTunes, nor is it available anywhere else.  After much back and forth and one lost temper (I'll give you a guess whose it was), Jenna picked another song and hoped it would work for the routine they'd planned.  The good thing is we learned a WONDERFUL lesson about procrastination.  :)

Monday of the past week was the day the announcement of who made the cut.  Late afternoon my cell phone rang.  I recognized the number as coming from the school.  UH OH.  Well, I answered and Jenna excitedly told me that she'd made the talent show!!!  Not just her solo, but also her hula hooping act!!!!  I'm very excited and proud of her.  Now to make sure she's prepared between now and the first of October...More to come on that!

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