Another little surprise!

So you read my post yesterday about my little surprise in the mail...well, a few months ago,  I got involved in a local group (the one we did dinner with here).

When we first signed up, I went onto the yahoo group and introduced myself and told where I lived.  I got an immediate email response from someone in the group who also lived in our city.  We exchanged a couple of emails and found out I could literally SPIT on her house from mine.  Yes, she's two doors down on the opposite side of the street.  They have a little boy from China who also had cleft lip/cleft palate and they have lso been matched with another son and are hoping to travel about a month after we do.

We've been out to eat with them once and Friday I took Jenna down to meet their son and eat some pizza and hang out.  While we were there, she came out with this...
I know, right?  Look at those stinkin' cute shoes!
She had bought it way back when she started the adoption process for her first child...starting in China's non special needs program, they were waiting on a baby girl.  When they switched to special needs, they asked for either gender and got a boy.  Now they are waiting on another son, so she figured I would be able to use this rather than it sitting in her closet unused.
Isn't that thoughtful?  I'm telling you...these new friends are unbelievable!  Not just because they are sending me gifts but because we all share something in common...something pretty lasting...something that other friends don't understand despite their best efforts.  It's one of the parts of this journey I love the most.

Thanks Bridget!  Can't wait for Kylie to wear this!

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