Autumn Moon Festival Celebration

When we finally got matched with Kylie, I sought out every website, yahoo group or China adoption boards that I could.  One of the groups I found was the FCC of Middle Tennessee.  That is, Families with Chinese Children.
This group is made up of families who have adopted from China.  Saturday night, we attended our first get-together (even though we don't have a Chinese child yet, we are close enough!) to celebrate the Autumn Moon Festival.
The dinner was at a local Chinese Buffet.  We walked in not knowing anyone and were immediately confronted by a restaurant worker who told us we couldn't bring Katie in.  After many, many minutes of trying to explain to multiple employees that she was a service dog, they left us alone.

The buffet wasn't the greatest, but the company was wonderful.  So many beautiful Asian children...it made me long for sweet Kylie.
They had a long table where the children could do crafts.  Jenna was definitely the lightest skinned kid there and most likely the oldest, but she enjoyed the crafts.
And I personally thought the crafts were super cute!  Jenna spent quite a bit of time at the table perfecting her creations.

We met a few new friends and learned about some local opportunities for Chinese children.  I think the group will be wonderful for Kylie to be able to keep in touch with her heritage and even help Jenna to learn more about it.

We are looking forward to the next get-together!

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