OK, it's been long enough.

I have 150 t-shirts that I need to move and I want YOUR help.  I've been putting off pushing these since I felt like most people just needed to get through the Christmas holidays.  So now that's over and I need to start back on my fundraising.

These shirts were created by my friend Katelyn who is actually the model in the picture over to the right sidebar.  I'm selling them for $20 each.  If I sell them all, I will make enough money to cover the cost of my trip to China to pick Kylie up.

And you know what?  I'm not even going to ask you to buy one.  What's the catch?  Instead of asking YOU to buy one, I'm asking you NOT to buy one, but to sell TWO to friends you know.  Do you realize if only 75 of you sold a t-shirt to two of your friends, my t-shirts would be gone and you would be directly responsible for bring our Kylie home.

So will you help? It literally costs you nothing to do it.  Just post it on your Facebook and ask 2 people to purchase a t-shirt.  Easy as that. 

And if you don't?  Nothing bad will happen and God will still provide for me to go to China.  But wouldn't it be way more cool to be able to tell everyone "I helped bring a family together!"??? (which incidentally is what is on the front of the shirt!).

I have only adult sizes...Small through XL with a few XXL...you can pay right through paypal or contact me and I'll give you further instructions.  I will even ship them to you at no charge (Lucinda and Christy, I have NOT forgotten about you!  Your t-shirts will be shipped this week!).

So there you go.  SELL MY SHIRTS!  And help bring OUR family together!

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Jessica said...

Just read a few of your posts! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Praying you have a smooth journey to your little girl.