Biggest Loser

I am participating in the Biggest Loser!  But not the one on NBC.  However, my friend from work Hannah is!  She's on the purple team on the Biggest Loser 11!  If you haven't taken an opportunity to watch it this season, look for Hannah and her sister Olivia Tuesday on the Biggest Loser.

In an effort to support Hannah this season of the Biggest Loser, we are having a BL competition at work.  We had our initial weigh in about 2 weeks ago and then our next weigh in was this past week.  I am pleased to report after week 1 (I weighed in between times) I lost 2.2 lbs.  At our official weigh in, I lost 2 pounds.  Considering I ate at the Melting Pot this past weekend, I think it was pretty good.

I'm going to make quick posts here after weigh ins so you all can keep me accountable.  :)

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Christy said...

Great Job! A friend and I are keeping each other accountable for exercising, and it is helping so much to avoid the "I'll just do it tomorrow!" Keep up the good work!