Curtains and stuff...

Several of you have asked me about the super cute window treatments hanging in Kylie's room.
Well, I'm pleased to tell you that these were custom made by a friend of mine named Carolyn.  Carolyn has made so many cute window dressings in the past.  Check these out...

But that's not ALL she does.  Tell me that you don't just LOVE this sweetness!!!!
But there's more...check this out...
If you are in the market for window dressing of any kind or any custom made pieces, Carolyn is your girl.  Even if you are out of town, she will be happy to work with you via email (she's super fast at responding).

Here's what Carolyn says,

"One thing I'm excited about, but don't have a picture for as yet, is custom nursery bedding.  That might be something your readers would be interested in.  The way it works is that I will put together for the client a 'design board' of sorts with fabric choices that fit what they tell me they are interested in regarding style and color.  Then they pick from options for the bedding.  Window treatments, pillows, slipcovers, even toddler and children's bedding can be added on.  Of course, they can go and get the fabric they want if they prefer, but this way, all the choices could be done on the computer and there's no need to go shopping."

Did you hear that people????  NO NEED TO GO SHOPPING!  I'm just saying...anytime I can sit at my computer rather than fight people at the mall, that's a good day! Plus, when it comes to nursery bedding, sometimes you just know what you want, but can't find it.  Well, now, PROBLEM SOLVED!

Carolyn also has a Flickr site with more of her creations.  It's a work in progress, so check back frequently to see her updates.  Or if you have something in mind and wonder if Carolyn can create it for you, just email her at misspollyspiecegoods@gmail.com.
But wait, there's more!!!  (how's that for an infomercial imitation?!)  The coolest part of this WHOLE thing is, if you order from Carolyn in February and tell her I sent you to her, then she'll donate 10% of each order to our adoption fund.

Now THAT is neat stuff.  So if you were waiting to have something like this done, you have an excuse to do it now.  Not only do you get something, but you help us bring our sweet girl, Kylie, home!

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