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(This post was meant to be published on Thursday, January 20), unforutnately, blogger is trying to post it on Wednesday.)

I have several things I want to write about but I don't have the time right now, so the longer posts will have to wait.  I'll just share some random thoughts with you right now...

1.  The thought of being pretty close to sending our dossier to China is making me a little anxious.  I mean, I know it could still be months before getting a referral and even longer to bring her home, but it is starting to really be REAL now.  The room is almost done (more pictures coming soon) and last night I took dinner to an adoptive family who has been home with their special needs son from China (who is 3) for about a month.  Seeing this family made it SO REAL for me. 

2.  I'm thankful for the little things today...like waking up this morning.  For two days this week I battled a headache all day.  It wasn't sinuses thank goodness, but what I usually call a tension headache.  I feel like I get them a lot on Mondays and think it's because I spend a whole day staring at a computer screen after NOT staring at a computer screen all weekend.  By the time Bible Study ended on Tuesday night, my head was about to explode (despite the ibuprofen I'd taken several times during the day).  When I got home, I took Advil and headed towards bed and my head was just about to do me in.  I'm not prone to migraines so I knew it wasn't those.  I woke up yesterday morning with a stinkin' headache and took more Advil with breakfast.   And then the headache went to work with me.

Late yesterday morning, the A/C guy came to service our unit.   Since we moved in, we have this company ( a local one) come service our unit every spring and fall.  When Steve lost his job, we had to cut that service out temporarily so it had been about a year since we last had it done.  2 weekends ago, the upstairs unit went out and we had to call them out.  They fixed the problem and then our service guy (who we are on a first name basis with) asked us if we wanted him to start back with our service visits and since we were already writing him a check, we figured we might as well.  So yesterday he comes in and asks Steve to come out to the HVAC unit with him.  He shows him the pipe that is busted along the seam and leaking CARBON MONOXIDE into our house.  UM.  OK.

We ended up replacing the unit ($$$) and bought new carbon monoxide detectors.  And lo and behold, my headache is gone!  I'm sure the leak was very slow and may not have had anything to do with my headache, but the ending to this story could have been much worse.  Today, I'm just glad I woke up this morning.

3.  As alluded to in number 1, we have done a little more work on Kylie's room.  Steve got the valance up AND I got a crib set.  Well, it was a bumper pad, crib sheet and comforter.  I found it at Target for $12!  It went perfectly with her room.  And I bought this super cute blanket also.  I need to clean off/out the dresser/hutch and then add a few more things to the walls and I think we'll be done.  Wow.  I'll post some pictures shortly.

4.  More snow expected in the area this afternoon and evening.  As of this writing of this post (which we know can change in a nanosecond) they were calling for 2 inches as far south as Columbia.  When I came home last night, I passed the salt trucks spreading brine on the roads.  I'm hoping for a little snow, but only if I don't have to drive anywhere and the office is closed!  :)

5.  I'm going to a Tupperware party tonight and I'm pathetically super excited about it.  I've never been to a Tupperware party and I have seen some ultra cool stuff, so I'm stoked to see what they have now.  Plus, I get to hang out with some of my favorite girls and what could be better than that?!  ( all provided we don't get snowed out in which case I might be VERY disappointed).

That's all.  Again, I have some other thoughts to share...but those will have to wait.

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Emily said...

So glad yall found the leak when yall did! I also had a headache on Monday and Tuesday that would not go away. And don't you just LOVE target?? I make shirts with appliques and I got a ton of onesies on sale last week for like $2! Yeah for Target sales! : )