Another 9 Weeks

I can't believe another 9 weeks of school has passed!  I have an almost-4th grader!  I know this blog has been heavy on the adoption process and I want to take time to brag on my sweet girl.

The first 9 weeks of school she made all As.  I was so proud of her, but I realized that the first few weeks are mostly review.  I had seen several papers and tests come home that were now Bs with the occasional C.  Her reading goal had been moved up again, so we had to work really hard just to make sure she met it.

They also started cursive, which of course Jenna LOVES, but it's like starting all over again.  So, her handwriting doesn't comes as easily as it once did and while she can try to be neat, she gets counted off if she doesn't form the letters correctly.

I was pretty anxious to see how her grades compared to last 9 weeks.  And when I got her report card, I was not disappointed.  THAT GIRL HAD MADE STRAIGHT As AGAIN!  That's right, she had done GREAT!  She did got from an E in handwriting to an S+ but that was to be expected and her handwriting grade was a sub-grade of her English grade. 

I'm just so proud of her!  But because she continues to meet her AR reading goal, it keeps getting increased.  Saturday night before the Melting Pot, we stopped at Barnes and Noble (I found a gift card Steve gave me for our anniversary last year) and ended up buying her two Nancy Drew books.  She loves mysteries and even though I never read Nancy Drew, she seemed to really enjoy them.  They are 6 AR points and if she can finish both of them, she'll have surpassed her goal, so she's already gotten started.

We've had some trouble at home with getting Jenna to do what she's told the first time and to keep her room neat and tidy.  A lot of the problem is mine in that I get tired of the mess so I end up cleaning it myself.  The problem with that is she knows she can wait me out.  So there's going to be some changes around this house.  But I'd like to hear your thoughts.  I know some of you with more than one child HAVE to have your kids help out, but that's not been our situation...so I'm a little behind on that.  Comments (please keep them kind!) are welcome!

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Cheryl said...

Depends on what motivates her. If it's money, tie it to her allowance. K gets money each time she makes her bed and each time she cleans (straightens) her playroom or bedroom. If not money, tie it to a reward or consequence.