Snow Day!

We ended up getting about 5 inches of snow on Sunday night.  School AND work were both closed on Monday and boy, that made me SUPER HAPPY.  Our office doesn't normally close, but they've been very good at erring on the side of caution this season.

A lot of times when it's snowed, it's been enough to close school, but not work but I'd just go in a little late when the traffic had cleared the roads some.  What that meant was I'd have to go outside and play with Jenna in the snow at like 9am and then come in, warm up, shower, dress for work etc.  But Monday was just a lazy day.  
Katie absolutely loved the snow.  We have trained her (mostly) to stay in the yard even when she's off the leash.
I took time to get some stuff done that I hadn't accomplished over the weekend and then we went to play.  Jenna was more interested in building a snow fort than a snowman.  We tried to use Jenna's sled but it was just too hard with such a little hill. 

Before we'd gotten the fort 1/2 way done, we got the call several of our friends were going to sled at a friend's house.  So over we went.   

 Who knew that a leaky jump-o-lene would have been useful in the snow?  But it was great because we could send a bunch of us down at once.  The kids loved it.

Take a close look...see Steve and Katie on the sled at the bottom of the hill?  I'm not joking.  Katie was sledding.

If you don't believe me, check this out...

 The picture below reminds me of Clark Griswold on Christmas Vacation.  No kidding, that blue thing was SUPER fast!  And it helps that Jenna is light....she flew down the driveway!

This is the group of sledders.  I love these people.  They are the friends I do life with.  And there's something about the people you do life with...it's the best time whenever you are around them.  No doubt.  I love these people.  Every one of them (even David, who had to work and isn't pictured!) 
L-R:  Jason, Tatum, Lindsey, Rachel, me, Steve, front: Hannah, Jenna and Lakyn

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Rachel said...

Looks like fun! I love the picture of Steve and Katie sledding!