I have been meaning to get pictures up of what we have done so far in Kylie's room.  The problem was that we couldn't seem to get any of the projects we needed to done.

It all started when we decided that it would probably be best if we bought Jenna a new bed and just turn her bed back into a toddler bed (or crib) for Kylie.  So that meant, we had to find a bed for Jenna.  On a fluke, I went into a local baby store in the area and happened upon a variety of beds at very reasonable prices.  What did I find, but a extremely reasonably priced BUNK BED.  And not only was it a bunk, but you could purchase it with a full size on the bottom (which is what her bed currently was) and twin on top.  The good thing about this was that we had accumulated several beds over the past many years of our marriage and we had a twin mattress and of course the full.  So the only expense was that of the bed.  And what kid doesn't want a bunk bed?  Jenna was thrilled and Steve, being the kid he is, was ALL FOR IT.

So, we bought the bed.  Unfortunately, we weren't equipped for the bedding that goes with having, in essence, TWO beds in one room.  A few weekends ago, we took care of that.  I will just tell you that I love me some JC Penney!  We found this super cute bedding set that came with everything we needed.  Then I just purchased some extra sheets and comforter for the top bunk.
Jenna is most definitely into color, so we purchased some curtains at Target in a mix-match of colors.  So, here we are...

And yes, that's her pet rat, Belle, posing in her cage.  She loves the bedding set and the bed and every piece of the set flips over to be a different color and design.  Really, it's super cute.
You can see the different pillowcase designs here...stripes, dots, squigglies.  A variety of everything.  But check this out...

Under the bed, for just a little extra are 3 drawers.  We got some extra storage space with the bed and it was well worth it!

So now, it was time to get started on Kylie's room.  You remember the ugly pink stripe...

We tried to fix it, but it never looked quite right and it just didn't turn out the way I'd envisioned.  So, I (read:  Steve) primed and painted over it and the room went back to all mint green.

We put the bed up as a toddler bed, but only after having to buy all new hardware in order to get it together because we couldn't find the originals.

Then we moved the furniture to the places we wanted it.  Once we did that, we could apply the vinyl we bought to decorate the room. 
You can't tell it in this picture, but the wall is green and the lettering is brown.  Here's another look...

We got the shade up in the room, which my friend Carolyn made for me, but we didn't have the right hardware (again!), so we didn't have the valance up yet...

Two things to point out in the above picture...do you love the rick-rack at the bottom of the shade?  It kind of looks like frosting on a cupcake.  That was all Carolyn's idea.  I love it.  Also in the corner is the new rod for the valance.  Found that at Target too.  It's silver with big pink bulbs at the end.  Here's the valance.  You can't tell a whole lot about it just laying on the bed, but I can't WAIT to see it up. 
I'm trying to figure out if I have room for this on the wall.  I'm thinking about painting it with the pink paint we used for the stripe, but not sure if I have room for it or not.

And then my sweet friend Karen G. is going to create another wall hanging for me with the letters of Kylie's name.  I can't WAIT to see how they turn out!

So, you can see we have lots more to do, but we are getting there.  It feels weird creating a room for someone we don't even know yet.  But we are mostly pleased with how it's turned out so far.

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