New Year's Eve

Somehow I neglected to post about our New Year's Eve.  As is traditional in our family, we typically spend New Years with the Millsaps.  However, Rachel and I started thinking we might expand our party to include others.  And it ended up as a huge party of all our best friends from Station Hill over at our friends' house. 
There was such yummy food to be had.  I'm so lucky I decided not to start watching my food choices until after the first of the year!

So many couples had babysitters for the night, but there were others who ventured out with their kids (us included) and it was such a great time with all the kids running around.  It was chaotic and it was SO MUCH FUN.

And even though it was raining, the big boys managed some fireworks which the older kids enjoyed regardless of the rain and wind!

And then the real fun began...it was a Rock Band competition...and everyone got their turn.  I found out we have some pretty serious Rock Band folks in this group. 

We had guitar players, bass players, drummers and singers.  I laughed harder than I have laughed in a long time and it was a great, great New Years.

Of course, the competition came to a halt when midnight got near.  We watched as the guitar in the Music City dropped and then celebrated and welcomed in 2011!

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