"Never Say Diet" WinnerS

Sorry I am just now posting this. I realized last night that I hadn't posted yet and then today has gotten crazy! BTW, for those of you who are Twilight fans, I finished reading Twilight for the second time. I have really never had the desire to read a book more than once, but I thoroughly enjoyed this one and picked up so many little things this time around that I missed the first time.

But I digress...

So, I only had one comment on the "Never Say Diet" book and I received one email. So, rather than draw ONE winner from two names, I'm going to give both ladies a book and journal.

CONGRATULATIONS to Allison and Teresa! I hope you enjoy these books. The book is easy to read and quite interesting and encouraging. I didn't get a chance to write in the journal, but anything that helps us stay accountable while living healthy has got to be good, right! Allison-I'll send your book same way as last time. Teresa-I'll get you your copy also along with your VERY BELATED birthday card and gift (YIKES!)

Thanks to both of you for your interest. Another blog review will be coming up in several weeks. Very apropos for our next holiday (Valentines). This one is "Intimate Issues: 21 Questions Christian Woman Ask About Sex"...oh yes...I said it. Questions about S-E-X. :) You know you ALL will be interested in this one. But more on this later...be watching for the post with the review to enter and win!


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