Mary Taylor

Just wanted to let all my blog readers know that Mary passed away last night around 11:30pm. We had gone to my sister's house nearby to sleep and were not with her when she passed. The only missing family member, an adult grandchild who had been living in CA arrived by plane last night about 10:30. Once she got to the house, Mary was ready to go and slipped into eternity having said goodbye to each and every member of her family.

We are very sad and exhausted. I don't know arrangements yet, but will post them here when I find out.

We appreciate your prayers and thoughts during this difficult time of loss for us.

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clg0513 said...

Sandra - I am thinking of you and all the Taylors today! I'm going to try to get out to see you tomorrow. Is there a time that would be better than the others? Email or call!