No news is...no news...

Thank you for all the well wishes and prayers for the Taylor family. It's 7:12pm right now and we are still waiting. Mary is slowly declining, but she could remain like she is for many more hours and even days.

The entire Taylor clan is here and that gives all of us much comfort. Several times we have thought the end was near and each time she's rallied and kept on going.

Right now, most of us are going on nearly 48 hours with little to no sleep, so I am unsure what tonight will bring.

I will update you when I can. Until then, thank you from all of the Taylors for your thoughts and prayers.

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Christy said...

Praying at the feet of a Holy and Loving God for you and your family. I know it will be a blessing when Mary goes to meet her savior face to face, but can only imagine how difficult it will be for the rest of you.