I just wanted to post quickly. I know it's past midnight, but I got a wild hair to clean out Jenna's room tonight. Yes, I said clean OUT, not clean UP. The room is small and it just slowly got more and more cluttered. I was going to do it tomorrow, but we have some things to do and I was afraid I wouldn't get to it and I just literally couldn't stand it anymore. So, at 9:30pm, I started. I finished about 30 minutes ago, but I was so hot and keyed up that I couldn't just go to bed. So I sat down, read a little and now I am online to check my emails. Of course, I have checked my Facebook, my google reader and now blogging...I'll probably fall asleep before I remember to check my emails!

Anyway, the main reason that I'm posting is to let all of you know what's going on with the job situation. My company made the local newspaper (maybe the TV news too, I'm not sure) because Corporate Headquarters laid off about 200+ people this week. I've gotten several "You OK?" emails, so I thought I'd post here just to let everyone know that yes, I'm OK.

My department did experience several layoffs, but I was not one of those. The layoffs are of course, due to budget cutbacks and a couple of my close co-workers were affected. It's been a tough week emotionally for all of us. And when I say ALL, I mean, everyone in the corporate office. We all knew people that lost their jobs this week and some took it better than others. At any rate, I was able to keep my job, but the cuts will mean lots more work with fewer people, so we are in for a wild ride in 2009.

OK, I'm starting to wind down, so I better get to bed before I catch my second wind.

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