We had such a busy weekend. On Friday, we went to eat at Donelson Park Cafe which is owned by some of our very close friends, Mike & Page Durham. If you haven't ever eaten there and are looking for some home cookin' to die for, check it out. If you google it, you can find out more. Anyway, they had a Christmas special that night with live music by some of our friends from the church I attended until I was well into my mid-20s. We got to see a bunch of friends we hadn't seen in a while and that was great! One of the singers (and one of my best friends from my younger years), Kelly, managed to bribe Jenna into taking the mic and singing Jingle Bell Rock. She did well, although she did miss some of the words there at the end. She definitely doesn't take after her mom or dad (as Kelly so graciously pointed out!)

Saturday morning, we met the Millsaps at ICE! It's the last year that the Grinch will be there and so we wanted to go again. Here are the girls all bundled up and ready for the bitter cold.

They have an ice slide that the girls enjoyed going down multiple times. Here's a video of them coming down.

It looked so much fun that I just couldn't pass it up. I watched some other adults do it and figured out if I leaned back on my behind and held my knees up to my chest I would fly. And fly I did. Luckily, Steve didn't know how to work the video, but here's a picture of me "landing" at the bottom.

Saturday night, the Millsaps came over and we had chili for Rachel's birthday (which was Sunday). It was a great time all around.

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