We've officially had our first snow of the season. However, that might not be true depending on where in the state you were. Yesterday, I happened to carpool in with Rachel. God bless her. We left about 10 minutes till 5pm because we'd heard that they roads were getting bad even though near downtown Nashville, it was nothing more than drizzle. It took us forever to even get ON the interstate and as we drove South (yes, South, no less) the drizzle turned to sleet. The further we drove, the more intense the snow and traffic. Long story short, a 40 minute drive took us 2 hours and 40 minutes and I didn't even make it home! I went on to Rachel's house and then later, Steve came to pick me up (after the snow stopped).
This is what it looked like from mine and Rachel's perspective. Again I say, God bless her.
It was late so we didn't get to play in the snow last night. School was out today for most everyone. Jenna was going to work with Steve and I was going to pick her up this afternoon after a mandatory meeting I had to attend. I got up, got dressed and Jenna got up to look at the snow and watch TV. I started feeling a bit guilty about this being the first REAL snow and that she was not getting to play in it. So I went back to the closet, changed from my work clothes into my outside clothes and told Jenna to get dressed. I'm SO glad I did it and she was ecstatic! Here are a couple pictures of our snowy fun this morning (at 7am!)

Thursday night when I finally got home!

Early Friday morning...God outdid Himself!

Our standard pose in the snow.

A snow day wouldn't be complete w/o a snow angel!

Another view of God's handiwork.

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