Our Weekend Activites

This weekend was at the very least a productive one. The last few weekends I have done little except sit around and relax. Not that there is anything wrong with sitting around on the weekends...but there is something to be said for being productive. :)

Friday, I worked late. Not long, but long enough. When I got home, Steve had chili waiting on me. YUM. I sat around on the couch until about 9:30pm and then decided I wanted to start my weekend activites early.

To back up a little, we recently celebrated 3 years in our current home. As it is with most everyone, when we moved, we did some serious purging. Plus, we doubled our home space, so for the longest, I wondered if/how we would ever fill this house up (right, I hear all of you out there laughing who has been through this before). But anyway, I guess it's taken us about 3 years to not only fill up, but cross the threshold into clutter. Not alot of clutter like at the old house but enough nonetheless. And one of the things I swore to myself is that I would not let it get to that point here. So, an "intervention", if you will, was needed.

The worst offender was Jenna's room and closet. It is a small room and we knew this when we moved in. However, with the bonus room, we figured most of her stuff would land there. Of course, I was wrong. So, at 9:30 on Friday, I started in Jenna's room. After a certain period of time, Jenna went to the bedroom with Steve. I finally fell into bed at 1am, but the room was clean! Sunday I hit the scrapbook room (Jenna's side) and organized all her craft items. We went to TPAC to see Tuna Does Vegas on Saturday afternoon and after we returned, I organized and cleaned out the bonus room. So, I now live in a lot less cluttered home and I'm totally FREE!

On Saturday, we went to get our pictures made with Santa here in the Hill. $10 got us 2 poses one with all of us, one with just Jenna. It was a professional photographer who will email us the pictures and allow us to reproduce them any way we desire. As soon as I have those back, I'll share. However, I do have these to share now....

After that, we went to Target and Kohl's to get Jenna a new winter jacket and myself some gloves and a hat. Saturday night was the first annual Christmas parade in the Hill. We were so excited to be part of it! It was cold to be sure, but the wind wasn't blowing, so that made it pretty tolerable.

Here are a few of my favorite shots...

It was a lot of fun and was a great way to start off the holidays! We can't WAIT for Santa to arrive!!!!

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Stacey said...

Just move every couple of years and you'll get rid of all your junk but I have to admit it's harder now that we have kids.