Christmas at School

This Wednesday and Thursday, Jenna's school had the Grandparent's Day Christmas program. These are the days that they celebrate Grandparents, but it's with the Christmas program, so parents and other family members are invited as well. Of course, my dad and Bertie weren't able to attend, but Steve's dad came and it was such a cute program. Here's Jenna on Thursday, the day that we went.

And here is just a little piece of a video of one of the songs that the 1st graders did.

They did such a great job. It was Pre-1st all the way through 4th grade and the principal said they sounded like angels. They did, but I know for a fact, they don't always ACT like angels!!! :)

On Friday, Jenna had her Christmas party at school. They did so many cute things like flower pot reindeer and reindeer food. Here's Jenna and her masterpiece. And then the other picture is Jenna and her best friend Annabelle.

And then finally, here are a few pieces of her Christmas artwork.

In case you can't read it, her letter to Santa says, "Dear Santa, I have been very, very good this year. I would like an American Girl doll and all I whant to konw (know) is whant is your secrett? How do you get all the gifts for the kids? Love Jenna Grace Taylor" The rest is a partial phone number and address. How cute is that?

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