The difference

OK, so I finally got my Christmas pictures uploaded from all 3 of my cameras. Yes, I said three. My small Olympus camera that I carry in my purse for those times when you would give anything to have a camera on you. Then my "nice" camera...my Fuji Finepix. The first digital camera I ever owned and it was pretty nice when I bought it several years ago. Then, there are the rest with my brand new, professional looking Canon Rebel. Here is the same (or similar) shot from all three. Can you tell which one is which?

The first is from the Fuji, the second from the Canon and the third from the Olympus.

I've pretty much told you everything about Christmas, so I think a slide show is probably the best way to SHOW you our Christmas.

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Stacey said...

Hummm now I wonder where Jenna gets that flair for the dramatic. HA! BTW, the entire Taylor family will be in my prayers. ~hugs~