Christmas with Nana & Poppop

Last Sunday afternoon, we went to have Christmas with my dad and stepmom (Bertie, or affectionately dubbed "Nana" by Jenna!) Daddy isn't well enough to go out anywhere and with the weather being so terribly cold, we can't take the chance of him catching something.

It was a great time. Nana fixed us a yummy lunch and of course, Jenna was chomping at the bit to open gifts. Nana had really outdone herself this year. Given that she's got more than a full time job taking care of Daddy (who needs almost 24/7 care), she went above and beyond.

Daddy was looking good and so I took the opportunity to get several shots of us together. I'm more conscious of doing this now. Bertie even said that with his breathing getting worse, literally by the day, this could very well be his last Christmas with us. It was a depressing thought, but I am so glad that we had this time together. It really made me appreciate it.

Jenna got 9 gifts from Nana and Poppop! And they were all numbered so she knew which ones to open first (I told you Nana outdid herself). The first was a little reindeer craft. The second was a pair of super cute and warm pajamas. But the third gift was the gift of all gifts. Most of you remember in this post, I told you that Jenna asked Santa for an American Girl doll for Christmas. Well, she got her first American Girl doll from Nana. Her name is "Kit". Jenna was smiling from ear to ear. Every gift after that was clothes that Nana made for Kit. Can you tell how excited she was?

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