Catching up...

First of all, let me again apologize to those that frequently check for updates here at my lack of posting. The excuse for my absence is purely a selfish one. I have gotten hooked on reading the Twilight series of books by Stephenie Meyer and in each minute of my spare time, I am reading. I think I started these 3 weeks ago this coming Monday. There are 4 in the series and I just finshed number 3 last night. If you haven't read them, please do not judge...they are good books and not at all what you think of when you think of "vampire" novels. Anyway, that is my sole excuse for not posting.

But I'm here now. :) Yesterday was a pretty good Thanksgiving day. I woke up about 7am and started cooking. Partially for our mini-lunch at home and partially for the big dinner we'd have at Steve's family's house. I look forward to the time we spend with his family. I love, love, LOVE them! Even though they have their own dysfunctions (what family doesn't), you'd never know it when they are all together. Thanksgiving and Christmas are my favorite times because I get to spend time with them. I just LOVE them! Every single last solitary one (yes, ALL of you!!!) Anyway, it was a great time. I didn't even miss reading while I was there and that's saying alot! Plus, I got to see Chase (my stepson) which doesn't happen as often as I'd like. If I didn't think it would scare the beejeezus out of him, I'd probably have run up and hugged him. Micah and Gage didn't make it this year and that made me sad...to feel our little family wasn't complete, but we'll see her soon enough.

Last week, we happened by the mall after dropping off Jenna's friend and decided to check out the line to see Santa. Well, unbelievably, it wasn't all that bad. We were there about 30 minutes and I thought the picture turned out great!

Now the funny thing is that this picture looks almost identical to last year's. It's the same Santa (why wouldn't it be?!?) and Jenna has on a similar looking shirt last year. But at least I can mark this off my list for this holiday season. And the only thing she asked Santa for was an American Girl doll. Up until this point, she'd not mentioned it. Thank goodness for Santa repeating loudly everything she said!

Also arriving at our house were her 1st grade pictures. I thought these were equally as cute if she hadn't pushed the headband so far up on her head. At least this year I remembered it was picture day and left her hair down. Last year, it was up in a ponytail and made her look like a boy. I won't make that mistake again!

Today, we went to Murfreesboro to visit my out-of-town high school friend, Stacey and some other friends from life "back when". By the time I found the stupid place (a bounce-house), we only had about an hour to socialize! Good grief! Maybe Santa needs to bring ME a GPS this year! It was nice to see her and my other friends though. It's about the one time a year we can do it. Stace-thanks for making the effort. It's worth the trek from SH to see you!

We had leftovers for lunch when we got home and in an hour or so, I'm off to the mall to do some Christmas shopping. I'm hoping my friend Rachel will go and keep me company. Honestly, I'm not sure I'll have the get-up-and-go if she doesn't go with me.

That's about it for now. I hope you all are enjoying your long weekend. I know I am!


Christy said...

Oh great! You were my last hold out before I started the Harry Potter books, and I ws addicted to them as soon as I started them. I have been tossing about the idea of the Twilight books. Now it looks like I will be reading those as well! You bad influence! =)

Christy said...

OOO, I hope Santa brings Mia to your house. An elf told me that Santa was bringing one here!