Pray if you can...

I know most of you aren't sitting around just waiting for a new blog to pop up. However, it's 3:26pm Central time and if you read this within the next 90 minutes, send up a prayer for my little girl, Jenna Grace. Wednesday night we discovered another suspicious bump on her upper back near her shoulder blade. If you'll remember the last one got ugly, had to be drained and was determined to be MRSA (i.e. a super-infection not affected by your run of the mill antibiotics). The draining process was the most awful thing either of us have been through (I later developed a similar bump and had it drained twice, so I know how she felt!).

Anyway, I just think the current bump looks suspiciously like the other and am afraid we are headed down the same road as the last time except now, we knows what to expect which makes it worse.

So, Steve's on his way to pick her up now and I'm sure she's going to be a basket case when she gets here. Just remember us all in the next little while. I hate to see her go through this again, but I know it's for the best.

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leigh ann said...

How did it go?