A trip to the ER

Well, last night, I made a trip to the emergency room. I was feeling "OK" all day, but slept most of the day. No huge trips to the bathroom which was good and I kept down a few bites of food all day. About 8:30pm I took an Immodium to try and calm my stomach which was rolling still and then a Tylenol PM to help me rest since I'd slept almost all day. About 10pm, I rolled over in bed and even with my eyes closed, I felt like I was being spun all around. I opened my eyes and the room was spinning like crazy. It was the craziest feeling. Then I started to get really hot. And I knew I was about to pass out. I tried to sit up and Steve got the trashcan. Luckily, I never passed out all the way and I never got sick. I did have to run to the bathroom though. I just felt really bad at that point, so we just went on.

We dropped Jenna off at Steve's mom's house on the way. Bless her heart, she took it all in stride. The folks in the ER were nice and my nurse was super nice. They got me on a IV bag full of fluids and some Phenergan for the nausea. About 30 minutes afte that, I got sick again (go figure), so they gave me Zofran. That worked well, but it made me double tired but then I felt like I had to move every 20 seconds. My mouth was just so dry. Anyway, once the lab work came back it showed that everything was fine except for my potassium which was low. They sent me home with a prescription and the movement of the ride home, put me right to sleep. I guess we got home about 2am and I crashed and didn't wake up until about 11am. I've slept nearly all day but am feeling much better, just extremely fatigued.

I am thinking I might get up and try to shower here in a bit. I anticipate going back to work tomorrow if I can, so you guys keep me in your prayers...

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The Millsaps said...

Glad you're feeling better. Here's hoping you are back to work tomorrow. My IM is freaking out at the last of action. :)