Magazine Sale...Over tomorrow March 7

For those of you that are infamous procrastinators, I forgot to add that Jenna's magazine sale ends tomorrow, March 7. After that, you can still order, but she will not get credit for it. Should have mentioned that in the first post, but just forgot.

As for me, I am feeling better. The stomach upset is definitely gone. I'm still battling a dizziness of sorts and I'm unsure if that is leftover dehydration symptoms or something different. And then I also have a pretty bad headache hanging around at the base of my head in the back. I did make it in to work this morning, but by noon, I was pooped out. I picked Jenna up from school and came on home with the intention to not sleep, but just rest and relax. Well, about 30 minutes on the couch and I was snoozing away. I'm up now trying to stay awake...it's harder than I thought it would be. I'm about to see if Jenna will come read to me and see if that will keep me awake.

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